About Us


Transforming the landscape of body, mind, and soul-centered wellness, starting in the Twin Cities.


We bring time-tested methods of relaxation to an ever increasing metropolitan population, creating an atmosphere of tranquility to neutralize chronic stress and all the conditions that contribute to the declining health of our society.

Domino Effect

We are driven to make the world more hospitable for doing good. Our members contribute more to the places, people, and causes they care about most when they are able to reset, recenter, and recharge at SoKo.

Why SoKo is Perfect for Minnesota

Our clothing-provided policy means you can enjoy the wet areas with full gender inclusivity. Bring the whole family, your whole friend group, or your [entire board and staff] to relax and find your best selves.

Our solarium & conservatory environment sets us a world apart from other Korean Spas in both the U.S. and South Korea – when Minnesota winters hit, being able to soak in sunshine elevates emotions and helps eliminate SAD. 

Our Massage Tool & Wellness Library functions as a place for deep contemplation where targeted relaxation techniques are available on your own time.

Our Dream Includes

A 100% plant based menu of traditional Korean grandma's cooking decreases our environmental impact while increasing the healing power of the SoKo Spa & Wellness experience.

Public Support

  • Crowdfunding for founding memberships is in the works, please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page so you don't miss out!

Seeking Future Staff:

  • interested in learning to provide Korean Scrubs
  • with gardening and/or landscaping expertise
  • dedicated to cleaning and maintenance

History & Timeline

  • Winter 2018-2019: the idea of having a Korean Spa in the Twin Cities is supported widely on Facebook
  • Spring 2019: Anna tours 15 K-Spas around the U.S. after discovering several dozen already exist in the country
  • Summer 2019: the Business Plan becomes real, Anna saves photography income to fund the time for the spa
  • Fall 2019: interest list continues to grow and professionals are recruited for legal and financial advice
  • Winter 2019-2020: vacation! break for family time
  • Spring 2020: recalibrating to proceed in the age of COVID
  • Summer 2020: raising investments to avoid bank debt
  • Fall 2020: design, engineering, procuring bids
  • Winter 2020-2021: groundbreaking
  • Spring 2021: construction
  • Summer 2021: soft open
  • Fall 2021: grand opening!

 Supporter Comments

"Count me in. I travel to the one on Chicago a few times a year just to get cleaned up" -M.T.

"I would literally lobby to get one here. I have definitely made trips to Chicago and the bay just for Korean spa time." -S.L.

"One of my favorite parts of living in Korea. I would become a member of one here in a heartbeat." -B.S.

"As a Scandinavian sauna lover I cheer this on!" -L.F.

"Omigahhh that would make me move back to Minneapolis FOR SURE" -S.H. 

"YES WE NEED A KOREAN SPA SO VERY VERY BADLY what can we do to make this happen?!?!?" -A.L.

"I have been dreaming of this...only have been to one in LA and DC." -L.C.

"I will do whatever it takes to get it here, short of selling my son." M.T.

"Everywhere I travel I look up Korean Spas." -G.C.

"I'll be there every day!" -S.T.

"A Korean spa/sauna/bathhouse would totally kill it here in the Twin Cities and would advance thermic bathing culture in ways that only a non-Nordic venue could. I can’t believe it hasn’t happened already." -J.P.

"The solarium is everything!" -K.K.

"I'm excited to hear you're pursuing this - I've thought this market needed this ever since I moved to the Cities 3 years ago. I'm a spa experience enthusiast ever since living in Seattle where I'd frequent Hot House and I became passionate about the idea here ever since traveling to Turkey." -T.M.

"I know my mother and I would love to go once it opens!" -K.N.

"I would invest in that!" -M.C.

"Have you been reading my mind? This is incredible! Since January, I’ve been yearning for the warmth, community and convenience of a Korean Spa in Minnesota." -S.S.

"I look forward to being one of your first customers." T.C.

"I want one here too!!!! It’s an amazing space of self care and everyone can benefit from that." M.Z.

"I will be your first investor! I used to go all the time in DC / Maryland." -M.D.

"I’ve been dying for someone to open a Korean spa here. Let me know if you need any help with anything, I’m happy to help out!!" -J.S.

"Fingers crossed. I want smooth skin." -J.H.

"This is literally my dream"-L.D.

"I could use a day at one right now!" -S.G.

"All the Korean dramas make me want to go so bad!" -S.O.

"I have wanted to have one of those scrubs again since the moment that it happened." -E.P.

"Listen to Anna Min when she tells you about Korean Spas. Amazing! I have a whole new understanding of the phrase "scrubbed clean." -K.B.

"I am ready to buy a lifetime membership." -T.D.

"I need that spa TODAY. Please make it happen." -T.T.