PBK Meals: Where Tasty & Healthy Meet

The way grandma cooks, you didn't have to worry about processed meats and hidden sugar 'enhancements'. Back in her day, meat wasn't the main dish, sugar wasn't a subsidized crop, and people didn't suffer from today's chronic ailments (or face climate collapse).

That's why we offer meal plans and cleansing drinks that complement your weekly visit to SoKo. 

Subscribing to our Plant-Based Korean (PBK) plan allows us to:

  • Offer meals with the highest quality whole foods that enhance your wellbeing long after your visit
  • Help you achieve your dietary goals, whether it's vegan, paleo, keto, or staying dairy and gluten-free
  • Eliminate restaurant waste with careful planning
  • Support cooks and chefs that create nature-based slow food instead of cheap, fast foods that harm our Earth
    • Save water use globally: e.g. beef production requires 40x more water than cultivating vegetables!
  • Donate meals to those who need it when you aren't able to pick them up

Menu Features

Soaked rice options, a step most restaurants skip

K-Rolls, also called kimbap

Make-Your-Own Mixed Rice / bibimbap

Slow-cooked Ox Bone Soup / seollong tang

Miso Stew / deonjang jigae

Kimchi Stew / kimchi jigae

Seaweed Soup / miyuk guk

Lettuce & Perilla Wraps / ssam

Seasonal varieties of traditional Side Dishes / banchan

Various Kimchi options: including daikon, white radish, and quick pickled varieties not found in stores

Seasonal / Holiday Specials: Ginseng Chicken Soup (Sam Gae Tang), Dumplings (Mandu), Various Noodles & Rice / Pan Cakes

Check out this CNN List of 40 Best Korean Dishes to get more familiar with the above options or start experimenting at home!



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