Our Favorite U.S. K-Spas

Here's a shortlist of Korean Spas that are definitely worth your time. Find photos from the 2019 Spa Tour on our Instagram account, @SoKoSpa, or take our word about the top three reasons to visit each one!

Let us know if we missed your favorite K-spa!

Wi Spa, Los Angeles, CA

  1. Rooftop patio with 24-hour access
  2. Kids Zone next to a full-service restaurant
  3. Truly a 'World Class Destination Spa' with valet & car wash services

Island Spa & Sauna, Edison, NJ

  1. Sleeping room with 24-hour access that doubles as a yoga studio
  2. Semi-private pods with board game lending
  3. Beautifully simple design with 30,000 sq ft

Spa World, Centreville, VA

  1. High-powered hydrotherapy jets in the Bade Pool
  2. Next to an H-Mart and Korean Ginseng Shop
  3. Huge heated floor space with 24-hour access

Jeju Sauna, Duluth, GA

  1. Traditional Korean sculpture & art
  2. V-steams with medicinal herbs
  3. Swimming pool & 24/7 hours

Sojo Spa Club, Edgewater, NJ

  1. Foot massage walking path & 140,000 sq ft
  2. Outdoor pools surrounded by beautiful plant life
  3. Rooftop infinity pool overlooking NYC skyline

Olympus Spa, Tacoma, WA

  1. Women only with mugwort herbal water
  2. Loyal customer base: many regulars
  3. Adorable and wearable merch

King Spa, Niles, IL

  1. Closest to the Twin Cities and 24/7; one of three King Spa locations (Dallas, TX & Palisades Park, NJ)
  2. Chock full of things to look at, huge sleeper chairs
  3. Featured Bulgama: the hottest sauna/human clay oven

Spa Castle, Carrollton, TX

  1. One of three Spa Castle locations (Manhattan & Queens, NY)
  2. Poolside bar & outdoor pools
  3. Conference rooms & oxygen rooms

Some of our favorite amenities are Cypress wood cubes and Loess clay balls that you can bury yourself in. King Spa and Spa World feature these!

Note: While Spa Castle & Sojo allow you to bring swimwear, most K-Spas require nudity for the pools and showers. That's how SoKo is different: you shower individually and share all the other amenities with the opposite gender. Anniversary dates, parents, and mixed parties can enjoy SoKo together: we provide spa wear and basic toiletries so you won't need to run home before visiting!

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31 August, 2023

Foua Thao

I can’t wait for this spa to open! I can’t tell you how excited I am for this spa to be located in the twin cities. Will be going in a big group for the first time since I have such a big extended family.

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