9 Benefits of Korean Exfoliation Scrubs

What is a K-Scrub, anyway? The Korean beauty industry has been keeping this under wraps... services are harder to export than products, after all. It's sometimes referred to as a "Body Polish" and is a staple practice in the land of glowing-skin, Korea.
Here are the Top 9 Benefits:
  1. Soft, supple skin that absorbs nutrients better, making subsequent treatments more effective
  2. Enhanced ability for your pores to sweat out waste
  3. Thorough removal of waste sweated out during the past week, month, or lifetime if it's your first scrub ever
  4. Fewer ingrown hairs for people who shave
  5. Shiny skin: say goodbye to ashiness!
  6. Lymphatic massage, which stimulates drainage and detoxification that is only possible through movement
  7. Longer lasting freshness after bathing, because no dead skin remains to decay when moisture is added
  8. It's easy to maintain at home on a weekly basis with a Korean Scrub Mitt (aka 'Italy Towel')
  9. Intimacy amongst family members; Koreans typically scrub one another and even strangers will offer to scrub you at the more traditional places

Did we miss a benefit? Let us know!

What can I expect at SoKo? We offer varying levels of service and have trainees that enable us to offer more affordable scrubs.

Whether it's a 10-minute back scrub, 30-minute full-body, 1hr scrub + massage, or a 90-minute scrub + massage + mask... here's what to expect:

  • Grab a waterproof alert dongle from the front desk and start by showering
  • Jump in a tub or steam room for 15-30 minutes to loosen up dead skin cells
  • When your dongle rings, head to the private scrub room and undress as much as you are comfortable
  • Lay face down on the scrub/massage table & relax
  • Your scrub tech will enter with special soap to ready your skin for the experience
  • The scrub begins 
  • The basic scrub ends with a warm water rinse
  • Feel your skin breathing and enjoy the rest of your time at SoKo!

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