Amenities & Highlights

Clothing Provided

Korean food & drinks + meal plans

Heated Floors

Showers with toiletries & towels

Pools (hot, warm, cold) with high-pressure jets

Steam rooms with mugwort or eucalyptus 

Traditional self/family scrub area

Saunas (charcoal/cypress wood, salt/loess clay, infrared)

Solarium (direct sunlight) & herb Conservatory (live plants)

Quiet Hours & Quiet Space (Massage Lounge & Wellness Library)

Chlorine-free (salt) water, ultra filtered drinking water, and non-toxic cleaning practices including UV disinfection.

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Anna Min, Founder

Hello friend!

I'm excited to share this new venture with you because some of my favorite memories tell me this is exactly what's missing in Minnesota. Back in elementary school, my entire family in Korea would go to a palatial mountain hot spring-turned-resort every weekend. We would spend the whole day talking, playing, snacking, and scrubbing off the previous week.

Unbelievably, admission at the time was the price of a soft drink! These days, commodifying wellness has hurt people, communities, and our entire economy.

That's changing now. I look forward to lifting up Minnesota's quality of life with you.

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